Friday, October 8, 2010

Reception Party and Stairway to Heaven


This is going to be short. You should not write too much about a party, you should experience it or at least watch some pictures. After some most useful but a bit tiring briefings in the Center and the dorm moving hassle we were awarded with the Reception Party. There were official speeches from EU-Japan delegates, aesthetically prepared snacks and free drinks. European wines plus Japanese beer plus extreme heat equals blurry memories. Most of us had the chance to meet representatives from our future host companies and own embassies. Unfortunately, no one from my department was able to attend, so after a brief and polite conversation with a Polish diplomat I could get a bit tipsy without the risk of embarrassing myself in front of my employer.

Also, most of our countries send some friendly officials, but not ambassadors, so the atmosphere wasn't too stiff and I had a good time. And we still got to meet the ambassadors or consuls a few days later, when we attended our diplomatic outposts to register ourselves as residents abroad. Going back to the party, we had the pleasure to meet the ambassador of Bulgaria, who came despite the fact that this year there are no Bulgarian students in Vulcanus. Oh well. And afterwards we went to an expensive karaoke club in Shibuya, where I had a truly remarkable performance of the Zep's classic. Nothing short of Plant's own. Cheers.

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