Thursday, October 28, 2010

Oktoberfest in Yokohama


It's October, time for some Fest. Even in Japan? Yeah, apparently it's celebrated everywhere these days. Even though I am not a big fan of German folklore, I am definitely keen on some beer now and then, especially European. And the image of a typical Bavarian festival in oriental surroundings seemed so silly and yet so appealing that I deiced to go the moment I heard about it from Emmanuel. So I grabbed some Vulcanus friends (not literally, of course...) and headed for Yokohama, to the already-known carnival spot between western-stylized red brick buildings. Fortunately, this time the often fitful autumn weather was kind enough to be sunny. So... how was the party?

First of all, it was crowded. Lines of people before the entrance, lines for beer, lines for food, etc. But it was a big event and I should have expected nothing less. There were some gaijins, of course (Germans and Americans, for instance), but the venue and it's surroundings was filled mainly with Japanese craving for some exotic entertainment. Because how else could the locals call downing a fine weisswurst with a pint of even finer bier. The main spot was occupied by a huge tent with long benches, tables and a stage set up for a coarse brass band in traditional costumes. The sight of tipsy Japanese shouting "kanpai!" and dancing ecstatically to the sounds of German folk sing-alongs was surely a precious one. And to tell the truth, I felt quite content surrounded by plates of steaming "meat and potatoes" variations, boot-shaped beer mugs and cheering blonds. For a second there I felt some Silesian spirit and distant European air. (Un)fortunately, the prices brought me down to Japanese earth. Nonetheless, it was a very pleasant afternoon spent integrating with Vulcanuses and practicing Japanese with random chat buddies. And afterwards we headed for the famous Shibuyan Atom Club to dance away all those beers. But that's another story.

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